PM Narendra Modi as understood by me!

In general election 2014 Sri Narendra Damodar Das Modi was elected leader of BJP Parliamentary Board and took over the charge of Prime Minister of India. After completion of five years tenure he was re-elected to power in 2019 with more members of his party on the basis of pro incumbency factor, a history in Indian Democracy. He was emboldened by the faith that citizens of India have shown in him.

PM Narendra Modi as understood by me!
PM Narendra Modi

In general election 2014 Sri Narendra Damodar Das Modi was elected leader of BJP Parliamentary Board and took over the charge of Prime Minister of India. After completion of five years tenure he was re-elected to power in 2019 with more members of his party on the basis of pro incumbency factor, a history in Indian Democracy. He was emboldened by the faith that citizens of India have shown in him.

We are proud of him. Under his leadership India leads the world on the issues of Terrorism, Environment, Health and Medicine (particularly COVID-19), Yoga ,  Humanity, and Space Mission. His works done and ideologies on these agenda were well received by the world. He was able to show the Indian potentialities in various fields including its joining in Anti Satellite Ballistic missile club. India’s contribution to the world in space mission were availed by most of the developed countries. The launching costs are less but secured.    

That India recognised this leader who travelled from the bottom line of the society to the top of the Indian leadership. During this period, he perceived the diversities in the social, cultural, religious, and economic conditions of people throughout the country. He analysed and identified the incongruities of the systems operating in these areas and configured what a new would be done particularly to develop the infrastructure to fulfil the basic need of the marginalised section of the society.

PM Modi is a world leader. He is first Indian PM to be honoured by many countries with their highest “Awards”. He got these but how, are mysteries. Let us try to unfold these mysteries which raised India to such position in only six years of his service to the nation:

ना खायेंगे ना खाने देंगे (Na khayenge na khane denge) – A “man” having zero tolerance on corruption. No one can be forgiven if found indulged in corruption. He proceeded on these principles and no charges of corruption came into light in six years of his regime.

सब का साथ सब का विकास (Sab ka saath sab ka vikas) – A “man” believes that every citizen is as responsible as the elected Leader of the Govt. for the development of a democratic country. Standing together are the strength to solve all problems. He addressed the nation that resulted in gain their support.

Modi is a social reformer. He tried to be connected straight to every citizen so that any welfare scheme should be delivered directly to them and finally he succeeded. After receiving better feedback, he extended it in all areas of welfare schemes particularly to the poor and downtrodden. He eradicated the poor thinking about women’s status in the society. The disgraces of “Triple Talak” in muslim community was abrogated. He stressed the need of girl education along with recognition and dissemination of the importance of girl child and so started “Beti Bachao Beti parhao” campaign. “Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan” and “Ayushmaan Bharat” are two important programmes to make one safe from harmful effect of pollution and to save life from illness respectfully.  

Modi is a `Saint`. A Saint is a selfless man. He is not biased in his action. All are equal in his eyes. Each programme is executed without discriminating on cast and creed. The same treatments were given across the boundaries also.   

Modi has passion of patriotism. “Do not mess with us or else face consequences” Modi to Pakistan. A person of strong will and dynamic activities he is always alert from within and outside threat in respect to the safety and security of the country. He destroyed all the Pakistani sponsored terrorist activities in India and put Pakistan in heavy loss of army personals and armaments by launching air and surgical strikes on its army cum terrorist bases. One surgical strike was also launched in Myanmar’s terroristic base. All strikes were made in defence of India. For peace and tranquillities in Indian subcontinent India has fully equipped its armaments with modern technologies.

Modi is the real friend. He takes care and works for security and safety of India’s friend countries. India strongly opposed the Chinese move on encroachment in Bhutan at Doklam. Indian Army stood face to face with the Chinese counterpart for the months in favour of Bhutan and finally Chinese Army were forced back. Best instances are the return gift of 25 thousand ventilators by America  to meet the present pandemic in response to India’s friendship aid of medicine. In the present pandemic India has not only provided medical help to many countries but it has supplied food stuff to some countries. His quick action taken on earthquake hit in Nepal on April 2015 got well recognition. Kathmandu and its nearby areas were devastated by earthquake on 25th of April 2015 at 9:15 NST. India under its “Operation Maitri” programme sent its Indian Army’s rescue team within 15 minutes to save life and properties at the site. India extended also financial aid of Rs 1 billion to rebuild houses of 50000 people in Nepal. India has so far given 4.5 billion Nepali rupees under housing project.   

Modi is rich of humanity. In the present COVID-19 crisis throughout the world India has taken a lead by supplying hydroxychloroquine to almost all the rich and poor countries of the world free of cost for the shake of humanity. These services are covered under his ideology “जान है तो जहान है” i.e. save life first and then think about its maintenance. As the corona infected graph in the world is curved to be parallel now India has started to work on “जान भी जहान भी”.

Mr. Modi is a classic diplomat. He brought the world against terrorism on one platform. Every member of United Nation was acquainted that Kashmir was the cause of differences between India and Pakistan. PM Modi by his wit and skill overturned this mindset over Kashmir and successfully replaced it by Pakistan sponsored terrorism. He said terrorism is the major threat in the world including India. Each of the UN members is some-how affected by terrorist activities with its epicentre in Pakistan. There was a time one and only one country Russia was standing with India in all conditions and rest of the world were with Pakistan. Now this time one and only one country China is with Pakistan and the rest are with India. This is Modi magic. His views are invited and seriously noticed at every International platform. Currently an Indian Doctor Dr. Harshwardhan, Minister of HFW, has assumed the charge of the office of the Chairman of executive body of WHO with support of 123 countries.

India is also affected with Corona pandemic, but it is under control due to early management. During this pandemic world economy is alarming. India cannot ignore it, but PM Modi has taken early steps not only to maintain its present economic condition, but a step ahead for its enhancement. A package of Rs 20 lakh crore was allotted to boost up various concerned sectors including   industrial, agricultural and employment by PM Modi. He addressed the nation with recital of his “Mantra” लोकल को भोकल बनाना है और भारत को आत्मनिर्भर बनाना है (LOCAL KO VOKAL BANANA HAI OR BHARAT KO “AATMNIRBHAR” BANANA HAI).

India is now sovereign, one nation one law. This has been possible after 70 years of our independence when Article 370 of the constitution was abrogated.  Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh were given a separate status of Union Territories. Most awaited dispute in construction of Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was solved and construction work on Sri Ram Mandir is started now at the site of birthplace of Bhagwan Sri Ram. These were some of the dreams of “we people of India” and yes, this has come true only because of our Prime Minister Mr Modi.

What Sri Narendra Modi is beyond my reach. The above description is based on a part of his life and style I was able to identify.

Modi, you are great. Congratulation.