One nation one election – a critical view

Time is money but money is not time. We save time means save time and money both. One nation one election policy will save time for governance without break. There is nothing unconstitutional in it as it was the objective of Indian democracy since its inception.

One nation one election – a critical view
one nation one election, Image credit The Hans India

Time is money but money is not time. We save time means save time and money both. One nation one election policy will save time for governance without break. There is nothing unconstitutional in it as it was the objective of Indian democracy since its inception. It is just to be back on the track the makers started the procedures in 1952. They didn’t visioned the circumstances arising out due to the fall of central or state government within the time frame. But it became the reality when state and central govt. could not succeed to complete its full five years term and the situation compelled the nation to face midterm elections.

The Modi govt. has proposed “one nation one election” and appealed unanimity on the issue in his meeting with all political parties. But the meeting was boycotted by major opposition parties like Congress, TMC, DMK, TDP and more altogether sixteen. These parties have their different logic but the main point of refusal to attend the meeting was that the agenda was of Modi so they did not like to discuss. Here it seems their denial on Modi. But they should note that each and every work of the govt will go in the name of Modi.

Everyone has just seen the assembly election of four states simultaneously concluded with the Lok Sabha election. In Odisha and Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, both are big states, the magic of Narendra Modi failed. Parties have also noticed the results of assembly elections of four states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisagarh and Telangana held three months before the Lok Sabha election 2019. The mandates were against Narendra Modi and his party. The increasing credibility and popularity of Narendra Modi have emotionally corrupted the opposition’s mind. The opposition parties have the say that in the “one election” Modi may take effect on the state level issues by using his unusual power and people can fall prey in his net. Before going to this extent of thinking the opposition should deeply analyse the people’s verdict on assembly elections just before and simultaneous with Lok Sabha election. In those the verdicts were against Modi and his party. But the majority of Lok Sabha seats went in favour of Modi. The opposition should rethink over such verdict of the common man.

The common man of the rural and remote villages are even fully informed about all the national and local level aspects and they have access of all the leaders, ruling or opposition. They have their own way and scale of measurement. No one can confuse them now. They actively participate in the election and vote for as per their assessment.

Modi’s “one nation one election” theory is not a new one. On its return into practice each and every machinery including manpower and the voters as well will be free from liabilities and responsibility in one schedule. Nation will have to face election code of conduct only once and the Government, central or state, will get more time for their developmental works. Frequent elections or midterm polls affect the party’s policies and succumbed to local issues, a set back to the government’s basic programmes. Simultaneous election of lower house of parliament and state assemblies will dilute regional parties strength. The regional parties will have to enter into the election of their state assemblies with local level agenda. They have to compete with that of national parties. This will be a strong challenge the regional parties will have to confront. The regional parties will have to work on an additional agenda for their stand at national politics. So it will be obligatory for both national and regional parties to enter into joint election campaign. Modi will have to deal wisely with them on “one nation one election” programme. The increasing number of regional political parties is disgrace to Indian Democracy.

The national securities are under active threats internally and externally from naxalites and terrorists respectively. Several or frequent polls requires frequent movement and deployment of forces for free and fair election and maintaining peace within polling areas. The movement of forces also requires security cover. Thus the country has to compromise with national securities which will be less rather once in the proposed form of election.

The objectives of “one nation one election” have to cope with the Government failed on the floor of the house or in the case, neither of the parties gets clear mandate for the formation of the Government. The solutions are to scrap the provision of “no confidence motion”, once the Government formed it must continue for full term. The provision of anti-defection law be amended and as such a member of a political party in the house can in no case change his platform but all the members i.e. the party as a whole can merge into the other or support it for the formation of the Government. It should be mandatory for the President / Governor to invite the leader of the largest party in the house to take oath and once a party succeeds in confidence motion there be no “no-confidence motion” against the Government during its tenure. If not, the state assembly be put under suspension and the state be put under President rule till the situation permits for formation of the Government. The Government thus formed be allowed only for the rest period of the tenure. If the largest party  at the centre failed to show its majority on the floor of the lower house the Chief Justice of India be called in and allowed to take oath of the office of the Prime Minister .  The Council of Ministers will be selected from all the parties in the ratio of their exiting strength. The President of India will later on nominate him as the member of Upper House. These are the things to be looked into and under the circumstances “one nation one election” is fruitful for our democratic country.