Modi: A Rock Star to Global Leader

It is not a myth, but it is a reality that PM Modi came out of the NRG stadium of Houston as a Rock Star on 22nd September 2019 and after his last address to United Nation General Assembly on 27th September 2019 he left for India in the capacity of a global leader.

Modi: A Rock Star to Global Leader
Narendra Modi at United Nations

It is not a myth, but it is a reality that PM Modi came out of the NRG stadium of Houston as a Rock Star on 22nd September 2019 and after his last address to United Nation General Assembly on 27th September 2019 he left for India in the capacity of a global leader.

The American Indians invited PM Modi to hear his vision and mission towards development of India and the world along with the action taken. After acceptance from Mr. Modi the venue was fixed at NRG Stadium at Houston which has the sitting capacity of 80 thousand. The American President Mr. Donald Trump was also invited.

As the meeting was organised by Indian residents in America PM Modi was to introduce Mr. Trump to the Indians and the Americans audience. On 22nd Sept.2019 more than 50 thousand peoples were allowed in the stadium and the rest seats were denied for security purposes. Mr. Modi was given a warm welcome by Mayor of Houston and both Republicans & Democrats.

Now it was the term of Mr. Modi to welcome the President Mr. Donald Trump. On Arrival Mr. Trump was received by Mr. Modi. In his welcome address Mr. Modi introduced President Mr. Trump in such a literal and classic ways never expected by Mr. Trump and the audience. The whole stadium echoed claps on clapping. In response president Trump said, “India has its best friend in white house in him”. Standing obeisance with clapping were paid on both the occasions.  After the end of President Trump PM Modi started his speech in such spirit and force that the audience applauded paying standing obeisance throughout. At the conclusion of the event at the initiative of PM Modi the two leaders one from the greatest democratic country and other from the strongest one walked hand in hand to greet the rapturous crowd. This also marked the joint political relationship between the two countries. The glamorous presentation by PM Modi almost rocked the Indian American audience what they would have experienced by a super star. The entire Howdy Modi event were witnessed live the rocking crowd by the world around on late night of 22nd Sept. 2019. Everyone has seen Mr. Modi in a new look like a Rock Star.

Despite US being out of Parish Agreement, the unprecedented presence of US President Trump in UN Climate meet at Washington on 23rd Sept. 2019 the day next to Howdy Modi event just as PM Modi was speaking created ripples in world politics. He listened Modi intently and applauded with some remarks. He walked out after the end of speech of speaker next to Modi. PM Modi magic crazed the Americans to such extent that the American President Donald Trump could not stop himself and made his unexpected presence in UN Climate meet.

During his week-long stay at America Modi met with many Heads of States in addition to his scheduled programmes. He acquainted them with international and national problems and India’s progresses in the public welfare. He gifted 193 solar panels each representing a member state of United Nation Organisation at its Headquarter. He inaugurated it in the name of Gandhi Solar Park to commemorate of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The roof of the UN Headquarter was covered with these solar panels at the cost of 01 million US Dollar. The power generated by these panels equals to that of burning of 31 ton of coal. This has been to mark India’s global leadership in renewable energy.  

On 27th September 2019 he told the UN General Assembly that terrorism is the great threat to the world, and it is the time that the world should unite and stands as one against terrorism. It is a big challenge not for a single country but for the entire world and humanity. He pointed to the need of renewable energy and works for climate change for public welfare. He said India, a developing country, has introduced `Ayushman Bharat Scheme’ under which a person is entitled to get his treatment of his illness in any Govt. or private hospital of his choice up to the cost of Rs 5 lakh. The payment of the hospital bill is being made through his card already given to him by the Govt. Rural India has got rid of open defecation. Works are going on and India’s aim is to eradicate TB up to 2025, he said. In line with, India has given farewell to single use plastic.

Instead of being engaged in wrangle with Imran khan, Modi continued his address on renewable energy, climate change, poverty alleviation, public welfare and India’s progress and learnings in those areas, what it likes to share with other countries. He said India gave the world “Buddha not Yuddha”. The core of our approach is public welfare with public participation and this is not just for India but for the entire world…..`Jan Sewa to Jag Sewa’, he added . He quoted Tamil poet Kaniyan Pungundranar as saying “we belong to all places, and to everyone. This sense of belonging is unique to India. In the last five years India has worked towards strengthening its century old great tradition of fraternity among nations and welfare of the world, which in line with the key objective of UN.

PM Modi set the agenda and place before the UN. In his time framed speech his silence on Kashmir and Pakistan made to accept more or less by all countries except Pakistan and China that abrogation of Articles 370 in Kashmir is the internal issues of India and for the development of Kashmir and no one has to interfere. The Modi’s diplomacy completely exposed Pakistan. Imran Khan could not digest Modi’s visions and reasons and vomited warnings of bloodbath and ultimate nuclear war along with personal attack on Modi at UNGA.

It was a newly created history at Howdy Modi event in Houston that a PM of any country introduced the US President in his own country to his own audience and from one and only one dais. Most surprising was the composite flag on the dais which consisted two parts, one of India and other of US. The precedence had been broken for the first time. On such events the US norms was to set separate dais with US flag for US President’s address and separate daises with respective flags for other countries. By setting single dais and composite flag on the dais US marked equal status to India. It was a great achievement of India under the leadership of Narendra Modi.  

What be the specialities in a leader, PM Modi led off to bring up the issues and succeed appreciation from his counterparts in the world. Nothing is left to be said, now Modi is a global leader. Our PM is a global leader. We are proud of our PM Modi. Truth is, from Houston to UNGA, it is a journey of rock star Modi to a global leader.