Education, a vital aspect for the Inclusive Growth of the Country

Success as we all know is not a gift but a reward for our passion, hard work, perseverance and dedication throughout our life.

Education, a vital aspect for the Inclusive Growth of the Country
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Success as we all know is not a gift but a reward for our passion, hard work, perseverance and dedication throughout our life. It is a journey which is filled with many setback, failures and important lessons that we learn during the course. When these learnings are implemented to improve oneself, we automatically set on the path of success.  

The country shall progress, when each individual, downtrodden, and the oppressed citizens are supported, protected and inclusive policies are made by the government for their betterment.
The next question arise, does our own success is sufficient? So how many of us think we are successful? Growth of the nation will not occur with progress of individual personality but with the growth of the every citizen on the whole, altogether. 

I raise my voice and ask, how far have we developed? How far, have we changed? It is saddening and I burst out of tear when I find young children working all around in hotels, shop and factories. Child labour is a crime, everyone is aware about it, but there are many instances we come across in our daily life where in we find young children being exploited. 

Where are the human rights activities? How is our conscience allowing such thing to happen around us. Why no strict implementation is being done to curb this rampant exploitation. What is the fault of those innocent children? Do they have no right to study, are they not deprive of such beautiful opportunities that we enjoy in our life. The time when there should be books in their hands, they are juggling with utensils in the hotels, the time when they should be enjoying with their families during festivals they are forced to work day and night for just a square meal. 

The big question is, Who is at fault?

It is not difficult to know that it’s none other than us, “the elite class”, “the privileged ones”, who have directly or indirectly encouraged this to happen. Why can't we stop this or rather report such instances, when we find such things taking place around us. How many of us have we ever kept ourselves into their shoes and tried to feel their pain and agony? Have we ever taken a minute out of our “busy schedule”  to at least speak to them and try solving their problem?. 

If yes, then that is the biggest good deed done as a human being. If No, then it is a high time we realize, that we haven’t done our part for the society, for the humanity, our duty for the development of our country. One must realize that until or unless every section of the society is safeguarded, very person is protected, respected, and is living a healthy and happy life till than our country will still be a developing nation. 

These words may seem to be very simple but the notion behind it has a huge meaning. When there is no education, there is no learning, when there is no learning there is no knowledge, with no knowledge there is illiteracy, with illiteracy there is unemployment, and with unemployment there exist crime, diseases and unhappiness. Then is it ever possible to have growth in the country? The answer is a big NO.

Free and compulsory education policies needs to be effectively implemented in the most backward areas. The policies should be made keeping in mind the beneficiary at the receiver end. The government schemes like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” should be given wide publicity in every part of the country.  Many schemes involving the “Ghrini” i.e the women of the house, should be implemented, keeping in mind that the first source of knowledge to any individual is always his/her mother. As it is always said, if a man is educated, an individual is educated, if a women is educated the whole family is educated.

The education sector needs a revamped policies, revamped administrations for a holistic development on the whole. The young India is the future of the developed nation. If the country want to excel the young needs to be supported and made self-reliant, to bear the responsibility, to take the country to greater heights.

This can only be achieved if each and every one of us take a moral responsibility, to at least help one underprivileged person or a needy child, to support him or her with his personal problems and/or with his/her education needs. A small act of kindness can create a big effect in the process.

If every one of us join hands to achieve this then the time is not far off when we can see a changed INDIA, a Vibrant INDIA, a beautiful INDIA.

We need to use the best of the resources available, both machinery and individuals, that we have with us, in a judicious and effective ways, to achieve the best of the goals.

Remember: “The tragedy of life isn't the ultimate death, but the resources that die within us when we are still alive”

Jai Hind.